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(a) You simply click on a ‘Book’ button anywhere on our website.

(b) To secure a booking, you must pay us (or our authorised travel agent) a deposit (or make full payment if the booking is made within 30 days of your “Retreat Start Date” (i.e. the day you are required to check-in to your hotel at the relevant retreat destination) or at such earlier stage as is advised to you at the time of booking. The applicable deposit (and any other payments required) will be confirmed at the time of booking. You are required to pay the full balance at least 30 days before the Retreat Start Date.

(c) You must pay the full amount due for your retreat if you book a retreat within 30 days of the Retreat Start Date. Please contact us if you are booking so close to a retreat date!

Note that when you submit your booking request, we will treat this as a ‘not-guaranteed’’ booking, at this point the booking is only provisional and is not confirmed. Your booking is accepted and becomes definite only from the date when we send you an e-mail to confirm that your ‘on request’ booking has been confirmed. For bookings made via our website, any acknowledgement of your booking request we send to you in the meantime is not a confirmation of your booking.

Please refer to the Flamingo Padel Retreat Booking Terms & Conditions (the “Booking Terms for full details).


We accept any card payment from Visa or Mastercard.

If you use Revolut Pay or we send you a payment link (e.g. if we ask you to pay an outstanding balance), then you can also use American Express. 

You can use debit card, credit card, pre-paid cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Revolut Pay.


The three currencies (our ‘Base Currencies’) we accept when you pay a deposit or purchase a retreat on our website are GPB, USD and EUR. But generally, we accept payments in up to 30 currencies. Please contact us to make a payment in any other currency than one of our Base Currencies as we may be able to arrange that for you. 

Please also contact us if you prefer to pay via bank transfer or a Revolut transfer in your own currency.

Just so you know: while we accept payments in multiple currencies to facilitate your purchases and make your jet-setter lifestyle a bit easier, we cannot control or predict any additional fees that may be charged by your card issuer, bank, or financial institution. This may include currency conversion fees, transaction fees, or other charges associated with processing payments in your local currency. So it’s always best to consult with your bank or card issuer to understand any potential additional costs you may incur when making a payment.

No. Timing of flights, from which airport, what cabin, arrival times, etc. – you are the expert in this department, so we leave it to you to book your own flight and transportation to and from airports. Of course, we are always here to assist if you have any questions or need other help.

In order for a retreat to be guaranteed we require the minimum group size to have been met (typically six people). Once your retreat is confirmed by our team, you can go ahead and book your flight.

For all destinations we strongly recommend that you purchase flexible flight tickets as well as travel insurance that includes Covid-19 cancellation cover in the event you need to amend or cancel your flight tickets.

We will confirm that a retreat is going ahead no later than 30 days prior to the date your retreat is due to start.

You can find this information on the applicable ‘View Retreat’ page on our website, as the inclusions vary by retreat.

Our pricing for each retreat is based on a shared hotel room but there are options. You can either (a) team up with a friend and share a room, (b) upgrade so you can have a room all to yourself, or (c) get on our list for guests who are excited to meet new people and are happy to share a room with another retreater. Check out our FAQ re Classic vs Fancy Flamingo retreats for different pricing options if you want your own room (i.e. option (b)).

In the case of (c), we will do our best to find you a suitable roommate but we cannot guarantee anything. All you need to do for this option is to pay a small deposit which will be refunded to you if we don’t manage to find you someone suitable to share with.

We heard what solo travellers were saying and rolled out two types of Flamingo retreats: ‘Classic’ and ‘Fancy’. The Classic ones are still premium but more wallet-friendly, especially if you’re not into sharing rooms.

Here’s the scoop on main differences:

(1) with the Fancy retreats, you get all the details like hotel, room type, and extras upfront in your brochure and booking. But for the Classic ones, we pick your hotel closer to your travel date from a list we already love, to keep things more affordable. The details in your Classic Flamingo retreat brochure re your hotel, room type, negotiated benefits, etc. are all typical for our Classic retreats (and you may in fact end up at that very hotel) but you will only have confirmation of such details once you receive an email from us.
(2) hotels we have pre-selected for our Classic retreats are all premium (at a minimum) 4* rated (or equivalent) hotels. Fancy retreats go a step further, usually landing you in 5-star spots, and typically lager rooms and fancier facilities.

Don’t worry, though. We’re all about quality, so whether it’s Classic or Fancy, you’re in for a treat (check out this FAQ for more info on our standards).

You can always expect a carefully selected and vetted hotel or other accommodation that is at at least 4* rated (or equivalent). All our hotel selections in Barcelona will have rooftops and at least one pool (either indoors or outdoors). We cannot make the same promise in other destinations but we will endeavour to maintain similar standards. Plus, we have sent our best negotiators to each hotel and managed to get the best benefits, discounts, and offers for your stay. 

Please contact us so that we may add you to the waiting list for your preferred retreat.

We’ve designed our retreats so that they are suitable for all levels of play – although our  focus is on beginners and mid-level players. Our coaches will evaluate individual levels at the beginning of the first coaching session to optimise the groups’ coaching experience and assign each retreater a rating (more on ratings here: https://ipadel.co.uk/BPRS-Rating-System). Players will typically then be coached in groups according to their rating. In our experience, even if you are a total beginner, you will only need 1 hour of tuition to be able to enjoy padel at the amateur level.

If you are an advanced player with a rating of 5 and above (according to the LTA Padel Rating System), and you feel that you would benefit more from 1-on-1 coaching, then we are happy to arrange that for you at an extra cost.

If our partner club is not walking distance from your hotel, we typically chauffeur you to the padel club and bring you back to the hotel. Refer to the relevant retreat page on our website for more information.

This depends on the specific retreat you are on but it typically includes:

Free use of facilities including changing and shower facilities, gym, and pool (facilities may vary across partner clubs)
Lunch at the padel club restaurant (Barcelona only)
Water & drinks 
and lots of play!

Refer to the relevant ‘View Retreat’ page on our website for more information.

In short, no. But we would really love it if you did! Why: (1) from our experience, getting to know your fellow retreaters has a great impact on your overall holiday experience, (2) we’ve carefully selected and tested the restaurants and bars for our planned outings; you really don’t want to miss out, and (3) it’s included in your package! Please do tell us in advance if you are not participating in any of our activities.

We have booked some of our favourite restaurants. The chef will put together a unique set menu for us (all tested by the FPR team). Refer to the relevant retreat website page for more information.

We are adamant about you meeting new people but not all flamingos have the same requirements so we’ve curated specific trips for those of you who just want to meet new friends (‘FRIENDS EDITION’), are single and want to meet other single flamingos (‘SINGLES EDITION’), or in a lovey dovey relationship and want to meet other couples to hang with (‘COUPLES EDITION’). You get the gist….

We know being 30 years of age and under can often be challenging from a 💸 perspective. There is so much fun to get up to but your boss refuses to give you that raise! Our Under30 pricing allows you to travel in style but on a slightly lower budget.

You Are Welcome!

To cancel your retreat you must tell us in writing (email or by post) as soon as possible. Your notice of cancellation will only take effect when it is received in writing by us and will be effective from the date on which we receive it.

You must pay a termination fee which covers our administration costs and compensates us for the risk that we do not resell your retreat. The fee is based upon how long before your Retreat Start Date you tell us you want to cancel and is a percentage of the total price of your retreat.

Period before your Retreat Start Date within which notice of cancellation is received by us in writingCancellation charge as a % of total booking price*
31 days or moreLoss of deposit (at this point, you will only have paid a deposit amount & not the full booking price)
30 – 26 days70% 
25 – 21 days90%
Less than 20 days100%

Remember that if you are on our list of guests who are looking for another person to share a room with, and you have paid a small deposit, you will not have a confirmed booking in place. In such cases, we will simply refund you the deposit money if we don’t manage to find you a roommate.

Please refer to our Booking Terms for full details.

We require our guests to secure adequate travel insurance (including health insurance) before travelling to our retreats.

Our Booking Terms are set out in a separate document, and accepted by you when you book the retreat with us. It can also be downloaded from our website. The terms and conditions contained in our Booking Terms will at all times prevail over any information provided in this FAQ section, the Q&A section of the relevant destination on our website page and any other representation (in writing or orally) or document. Accordingly, in the event of any discrepancy or conflict, our Booking Terms will govern.

Please find our Booking Terms at flamingopadel.com/terms.

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